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Mid-States Sales & Marketing was started by Chris Quinlan in 1991 for the sole purpose of gaining the needed distribution for manufacturers. The evolutionary process, coupled with a successful business plan, has taken us into additional markets and "value-added" relationships with our retailers and vendors.

Today, our sales team focuses on gaining the needed distribution. More importantly, we focus on moving your products off the shelf. We have a fully staffed sales & marketing department that works with our retailers and vendors to insure maximum exposure to the consumer. In addition, our sales & marketing staff are backed by our superior retail team at the store level.

Management Position Email
Joe Quinlan CEO jquinlan@midstatesales.com
Chris Quinlan President cquinlan@midstatesales.com
Mark Linton Sr. V.P. of Sales mlinton@midstatesales.com
Dan Flood V.P. of Sales dflood@midstatesales.com
Thomas Shenkel North Central Sales tshenkel@midstatesales.com
Jim Dearborn Sales jdearborn@midstatesales.com
Katrina Gilardi Director of Finance kgilardi@midstatesales.com
Support Staff    
Jenn Schwoebel Customer Service jschwoebel@midstatesales.com
Jerri Quinlan Communications Manager jerriquinlan@midstatesales.com
Rich Sweeney CPA/Counsel rsweeney@midstatesales.com

Market Coverage
From our headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, we support product distribution coverage , on behalf of our Principals, to nearly 30 Retail Chains and Distributors in the North East and Chicago areas.